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1BR Available in 4BR House for Rent - Cambridge, MA - For July 1st, 2012

- $725/mo including all utilities (water, electricity, gas, internet, limited cable)
- one upstairs bedroom still available July 1st in 4BR house
- just off Rindge Avenue in North Cambridge, 3 minute walk from Alewife, 15 minute walk from Davis Square
- 4 bedrooms (3 upstairs and one downstairs), 2.5 bathrooms, 1600 sf
- side-by-side two unit condo on three levels, brand new construction in 2005
- owners live in other half (folks here might know them, actually)
- modern appliances including gas stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer, fridge
- shared grass back yard
- driveway with off-street parking spaces for two cars (tandem)
- central air conditioning, natural gas heat
- real hardwood floors, central vacuumm

Who we are:

Brynn: female, 33 years old, geek, pagan, poly, gamer (video games, RPGs, LARPs), acupuncturist and molecular biologist, once and future biker (once my motorcycle gets repaired), Significant Other of Jeff

Jeff: male, 39 years old, geek, poly, gamer (video games, RPGs, LARPS), customer service provider, likes comics and heavy metal (on headphones), Significant Other of Brynn

Matt: male, 25 years old, geek, gamer (video games), software engineer, likes movies including anything by Pixar or Tarentino

Who you are:
A professional/student who thinks the aforementioned people would be neat to live with.

Feel free to pass this on to individuals who might be interested, and anyone who is interested should e-mail me at or call me at 617-383-4455. (Suggestions of where else to post this are also welcome ;)


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